Art Conservation Solutions (ACS) is a professional firm dedicated to the conservation and management of art works and antiquities. Located in India, ACS serves institutions, government agencies, museums, trusts, libraries, non-governmental organizations and private collectors of art.

ACS employs a pool of highly trained and experienced personnel, specialized in different fields of conservation, who have the knowledge, skills, temperament and ability to best deal with art works.

As a team our forte lies in our ability to combine technical expertise with appropriate strategies for conservation. The philosophical ideals and principles of conservation remain our guiding factors and we strive to ensure that any intervention we make is harmonious with the physical and visual aspects of the objects while remaining faithful to the intention of its creator. Since inception we have executed several prestigious projects and been entrusted the responsibility of conserving works of master craftsmen and artists alike.





Current Projects

Conservation of Painted Ceiling, Durbar Hall, Former British Residency, University College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad.